Patios in Poteau

Patios for Poteau Homes

When you feel a summer breeze start blowing, most peoples’ first thoughts are of outdoor living. Whether you’re a camper or a weekend warrior or a stay-at-home parent, one of the things that can foster this lifestyle is a patio. Get your taste of the outdoors whenever you like! Why make your way to an expensive Poteau restaurant when you can just step outside your back door and relax in the comfort of your own yard?

In comparison to building a wooden deck, patio installation is a long-lasting and cost-effective option; and if you’re looking for outdoor patio ideas, you’ve come to the right place. At CF General Construction LLC, we combine years of experience and knowledge with genuine care and creativity for the work we do.

Many Diverse Options

A patio isn’t just a platform for outdoor entertainment. Custom patio designs provide many unique options for clients from all walks of life. Artistic entrepreneur? Shake it up with some color and inlaid design. Young professional? Modernize and create a sleek look suitable for any post-work cocktail gathering.


Sound boring? It doesn’t have to be. Sure, it’s easy to pour a concrete slab but then you may as well just be creating a parking spot. With stamped and colored concrete poured into a unique footprint, you can create natural or out-there patio designs!

Flagstone/Other Natural Stone

The most natural option, flagstone patios can come in red, blue or buff shades. The stones are irregularly shaped and stand out with their natural variations from stone to stone.


For an old-world look, go with brick. Clay brick is tested by time and provides a stately and rich aesthetic to any property.


Patio pavers have it all covered. They’re made for easy installation and have endless sizes, shapes and colors. Their variety of forms include stone, concrete clay—or for the eco-friendly homeowner—recycled plastics.


Quick and easy is what you’ll get with a gravel patio. Installed over a landscape liner, gravel blocks out weeds and provides drainage in your yard. Think Tuscany when picturing a gravel patio. You won’t be walking on it barefoot, but it’s beautiful all the same.

Patios are as varied as the Poteau homeowners that purchase them. You can choose them to match any yard, any home, any personality. Let your imagination run wild!

CF General Construction LLC: Your Creative Professionals

At CF General Construction LLC we value quality, and creativity. A patio should be a fun home renovation that reflects your personality and that of your home. It’ll add value to your home and make it simple to host events or just relax in the comfort of your yard.

The summers of Poteau deserve to be enjoyed as much as possible. Don’t waste time in an unfinished and unappealing yard—seize the moment and give us a call today! We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote for your new patio and brainstorm for the materials and designs that will suit you and your home best!