Cleaning, Staining, Sealing in Greenwood AR

Wooden Decks in Greenwood AR That Last

At CF General Construction LLC we pride ourselves in building decks that last. To do this, at the end of every build we clean and stain or seal them properly. Additionally, when we’re hired for a job to refurbish an already built deck, we ensure that the job we do is a good one. When you pay to build or brighten up a wooden deck, you want to get your money’s worth—and we want you to as well!

The work we do for our Greenwood AR clients represents our company; it is pictured in our portfolio (which you can take a look at online) and reflected in our reviews. Because of this, we never consider a job complete until you, the client, are one hundred percent satisfied. Every job and every client is unique so your experience will be tailored to you and you alone.

Wood vs. Composite

Decks can be built out of a variety of woods, or the increasingly popular composite boards, made of 95% recycled materials. Both materials need to be treated a little differently in the finishing process. For each, it is important to do so.


After your deck is built, we will perform a final inspection and then power wash it. We do this carefully because when done incorrectly it can in fact damage your deck. When refinishing a deck this is especially important to do with caution.

Next, your deck will be sanded.

Lastly, it will be stained or sealed. This choice is up to personal preference—a stain will alter the color of a deck so if you want to retain its natural color and grain, choose a sealer.


The finishing process of a composite deck is similar to wood but it’s important to note that one should not power wash a composite deck. After carefully washing the deck so as not to damage it, a specific composite deck finish will be used. This finish lasts one to two years.

No matter what material your deck is made of, CF General Construction LLC takes the utmost care with every job to finish new or refurbished decks to the highest standard to last for many years.

Any good Greenwood AR contractor will advise the proper finishing of a deck, and at CF General Construction LLC we most certainly do!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

When we finish our contract with you, your wood or composite deck will be the stunning focal point of your property.

A newly finished or freshly restored deck is sturdy and attractive and becomes the cornerstone of your hosting life. You and your family can enjoy it for years to come, and if you plan to sell your home there is great added value in a deck. Your return on investment could be 70%!

So give us a call today and become the next of our many Greenwood AR clients to see great results. Our team loves to get started on new jobs and we can’t wait to meet you!